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All makes of Caravans, Trailers & Boats that are to be collected by DandAcaravanmovers on behalf of the seller or buyer, your caravan/trailer is of your responsibility to be insured at all times. It must be in a Legal & Roadworthy Condition prior to collection and that all tyre's, lights and brakes are free for movement and are in working order before they can be collected and delivered by DandAcaravanmovers, if these conditions are not met and we have to wait around for the caravan to be fit for the road then a cost of £15 per hour waiting time will be added to the delivery cost  (please be aware of this extra fee on arrival if we see that we have to stay longer), IE  one job we did should have been 2 hours pick up and delivered, but we ended up staying 5 hours due to the other caravan needed moving with no keys for the  wheel clamp locks  and hitch locks keys lost, please note that the client is responsible to ensure that the caravan/item is ready to be hooked up onto our transport on arrival.

You must state whether the caravan is full of goods or empty as the weight will incur extra cost due to more fuel being used and longer time in delivering.




Very important  information - please note

When we pick up a caravan/item, the delivery cost or payment for the caravan/item is to paid for in full on delivery. If no payment is recieved at the time of delivery, the caravan will stay with DandAcaravanmovers until payment is received in full.

Any caravan that is going to be exported, must be paid for prior to  the caravan leaving any shipping companies. IF THE CARAVAN IS NOT PAID FOR THEN THAT CARAVAN WILL BE THE PROPERTY OF DANDaCARAVANMOVERS


The caravan/item will be held and taken back to DandAcaravanmovers storage yard in Preston, Lancashire until payment is made in full, charges will then be applied for the storage at £15 PER DAY, then there would be extra delivery cost to re-deliver the caravan/item again to destination inclusive of original delivery fee.



In the event of a blow out/puncture that requires a replacement wheel, your caravan should have a spare wheel, you the customer will be responsible for the cost of time involved in the replacement of wheels, that is if you have a spare wheel available, plus labour at £10 for us to change wheel, if there is no spare wheel we do carry spares but not for all makes of caravans (if there locking nuts please make sure you have them at hand and must be available for the wheels  if they have locks on them), if we have to ring National Tyre's, you the customer will incur the cost of the new tyre(s) plus £15 per hour waitng time for the replacement tyre to be found and replaced.


If any damage is caused to the caravan/trailer as a result of a blow out/puncture/damaged road surfaces/road debris/storm damage/malfunction of caravan parts/trailer parts or 3rd party fault involvement, DandAcaravanmovers will not be responsible or liable in any way whatsoever.


Your caravan could and should be covered by your own insurance before we arrive, you will have to arrange recovery of your caravan/trailer in the event of the job coming to a halt through the caravan/trailer no longer being roadworthy due to no fault of DandAcaravanmovers


Damage caused by DandAcaravanmovers will be covered by ourselves.

We have Public Liability and Hire and Reward Insurance for the work we carry out.

In the event of  damage caused by a 3rd party, we will contact you firstly prior to retreiving his/her insurance details, which will be exchanged and passed on to you the customer, your details will be passed on to the 3rd party involved at the time of the incident, to be resolved between yourselves, and also may be reported to the local police for log number.

Please note:

Photo's may be taken at the time we pick up the caravan/trailer to show any damage that we think you should already be aware of and photo's may be taken when we have delivered to show it was delivered in the same condition we picked the caravan/trailer up in. 


We do carry all tools, spare bulbs, jacks and many more tools in the hope to not delay too much time, we will if we are able, carry out small/minor jobs, this will incur an extra cost due to time which makes our drivers getting home so much later than the time arranged, as this may cause time delays on the next delivery.
Any long distance jobs that could take two days or more

travelling and jobs that may require a stay over, the seller/buyer will cover this and will be notified of this prior to collection/delivery, this cost will range from £50 -100 per night  (a receipt will always be provided in this case) depending on the stay over location and our legal allowance of driving hours per day.

However, should Dandacaravanmovers vehicle be involved in an accident and we are at fault, and damage is caused to your goods, then you can be rest assured that your caravan/items/trailer are fully covered with our Hire and Reward Insurance and our Public Liability.

This information is for you benefit as well as ours.

Any other question then please  feel free to ask -

Dave or Angela on 07841 838151
Every item we move is a dedicated job and we would like you to know that we treat everything we collect and deliver as it were our own, taking every precaution we can to ensure the safety of your goods.
We have latest GPS tracking and up-to-date minute by minute position location, phone calls to keep you informed throughout our journey, always informing you of any traffic delays and approximate times of arrival for your peace of mind. 
Please see our website and all our ads on ebay, Facebook, Viva street, Gumtree, Yellow Pages, Thompson Local, Google Business, Twitter, Instagram and more.
100% family run business 
100% trust worthy , we are a one to one service.  
We have storage for 300 caravans and 3 Independant drivers.

We also deal in exportation of caravans to New Zealand and all over the world, if you require any more information on this service then please do not hesitate to call us, we currently provide our services to 3 companies in New Zealand

We have sent over 690 caravans over to New Zealand



We look forward to hearing from you

We can also help with the deliveries of boats, cars, motorbikes, horse boxes and catering trailers.


All our vans are kitted out with every tool needed for the job, jacks, bulbs, tow ropes, light boards, caravan motor movers for the tight corners and hard accesses

tool boxs, air compressors, motor winch if caravan is stuck or sunk in plot and brake releaser.




You need to have a commercial vehicle  by law or 4x4 vehicle to tow the bigger caravans........we have them vehicles.

All our vans have top of the range GPS trackers, you will get the log in details to your phone so you can follow our movements, peace of mind for you knowing we are on our way to you .......


Most other independant towers you will see on Ebay will tow your caravan with their own vehicle, but it should be stated upon their site and their insurance 'Hire and Reward' and they should also have full Public Liability Insurance too.                

We do hope that you have fully read all of our Terms and Conditions and that you fully understand the contract of which you are entering and conditions we expect from you.


With thanks DandAcaravanmovers

Any size delivery,
to and from etc
Any size small or large, to
race track/home, sold or bought

Any size small or large

from dock to canal etc

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